Where Can I Buy Stunning Valentine’s Day Lingerie Gifts in Colombo, Sri Lanka?

Ironically, for a country which relies heavily on the export of Apparel and Intimates, Sri Lanka is definitely lacking in the variety and diversity of bras that will fit us all! 

Finding a good bra with lift, shape and support in Sri Lanka can be next to impossible. Especially for those of us in the extended or plus size range, finding the perfect bra can be frustrating and disappointing. We got you sis! The aim of building a website and community around TOFO intimates is to provide these everyday items to everybody (and every ‘body’). 

Take this bra journey with us, as we aim to source and manufacture the very best bras for all Sri Lankans. 

Let’s first understand how bra fitting works and how it should feel on our skin. Finding bra sizes has been made out to be a pseudo-science, overly complicated and with poor results. We are here to simplify the system!

Your Bra Size consists of two components. 

1. An even number that represents the band size.

2. A letter that indicates the cup size.

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The Band Size 

Your Band size refers to the elastic around your torso, also called the “under bust” measurement. It provides the overall support for the bra. It should be worn snug but not tight. The band size is measured in even numbers and progresses in increments of 2 (for example, 30, 32, 34, 36 etc). 

For those of us with bigger busts, look for thick bands with multiple rows of hooks for ultimate support!

The Cup Size 

Your Cup Size is measured in letters (for example A, B, C, D, DD etc) and determines the size of the breast itself. The cup provides lift and shape in a bra. The cup should not be too lose (where there is a gap between the breast and cup) and not too tightly (where the breast spills over the cup). When worn correctly, the cup should encase the breast, providing gentle support. Bra cups come in a variety of styles for different applications. TOFO sources and manufactures multiple styles so that we can provide the best possible fit for Sri Lankan bodies.

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Let’s get started, you will need:

1. A standard measuring tape (use inches)

2. To wear your most comfortable bra

3. A large mirror for accuracy

Step 1: Measure your Band Size


Standing straight, loop the measuring tape around the smallest part of your torso which is directly under your bust, using inches, write this number down. 

If your under bust measures:Then your band size is:
19.5 – 20.524
20.5 – 22.526
22.5- 24.528
24.5- 26.530
26.5 – 28.532
28.5 – 30.534
30.5 – 32.536
32.5 – 34.538
34.5 – 36.540

Step 2: Measure your Cup Size 


Standing straight loop the measuring tape around the largest part of your bust, this is also known as the ‘Over Bust’. Ensure the measuring tape is straight and snug against the body. Use inches, write this number down. 

Use the table below to find the cup size! 

Your Band SizeOver Bust Measurement (In Inches) Over Bust Measurement (In Inches) Over Bust Measurement (In Inches) Over Bust Measurement (In Inches) Over Bust Measurement (In Inches)
2424 – 2525 – 2626 – 2727 – 2828 – 29
2626 – 2727 – 2828 – 2929 – 3030 – 31
2828 – 2929 – 3030 – 3131 – 3232 – 33
3030 – 3131 – 3232 – 3333 – 3434 – 35
3232 – 3333 – 3434 – 3535 – 3636 – 37
3434 – 3535 – 3636 – 3737 – 3838 – 39
3636 – 3737 – 3838 – 3939 – 4040 – 40
3838 – 3939 – 4040 – 4141 – 4242 – 43
4040 – 4141 – 4242 – 4343 – 4444 – 45
Your Cup Size Will Be:ABCDDD

Example: If your band size is 30, and your over bust measures 33, then your cup size will be D.  Your complete bra size will be 30D! If you need someone to do this exercise with you step by step please get in touch with us, we would be delighted to help you out. 

Now use your new found bra size and do some shopping girl, you got this! #journeycontinues

Check out our article on Bra Anatomy where we dissect and analyze the parts of the modern bra!



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