Browse our pack underwear, where we have bundled your must have favs, into convenient and accessible packs. Beloved by our TOFO fans, these underwear packs have consistently performed as Best Sellers! We have curated a collection of the bikini style underwear, the classic cotton panty (also known as cotton brief) and the thong style underwear.

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Bikini Packs

Bikini styled underwear is well loved by our Sri Lankan customers and this cotton bikini pack has consistently performed as a Best Seller. The bikini cut is very similar to the classic brief cut. Narrow sides and lower waistline, the bikini styled underwear is great to wear with low slung jeans or pants. These cotton undies provide breathability, comfort and security.  You can never have too many clean undies in your lingerie drawer so we have created ‘The Five Pack’.

Brief Packs

For everyday comfort, see our cotton lace trimmed brief packs. Designed by our Sri Lankan team to provide the user with great fit, security and comfort, these undies are a no brainer to wear with your everyday clothes.

Thong Packs

Believe it or not, when most people complain about uncomfortable thongs, nine times out of ten they are wearing the incorrect size and fabric. When worn correctly, the somewhat controversial thong provides the wearer with zero visible panty line, maximum flexibility and comfort. Ideal to be worn with close fitting bodycon dresses and skirts, these foundation garments ensure a smooth and polished look with no distracting visible panty lines (VPL).