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Where Can I Buy Stunning Valentine’s Day Lingerie Gifts in Colombo, Sri Lanka?

The quintessential guide to buying the perfect lingerie gift for Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is coming up and you’re still on the fence with gifts! TOFO has got you covered. Amongst the more traditional gifts like jewelry, chocolates and flowers, gifting incredible lingerie is a great way to delight your partner (or yourself) this Valentine’s […]

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Simple Size Guide to Bra Fitting

Ironically, for a country which relies heavily on the export of Apparel and Intimates, Sri Lanka is definitely lacking in the variety and diversity of bras that will fit us all!  Finding a good bra with lift, shape and support in Sri Lanka can be next to impossible. Especially for those of us in the […]

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5 Must Know Care Tips For Your Bras

Our bra needs as much TCL as you do! Treat them right, from the very beginning and they won’t let you down. Countdown the 5 must know care tops for your bras with us.

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Bra Anatomy 101

“Never have I ever… complained about my bra. Girl, pour me a glass! ” Yes, we’ve all been there – finding a good bra in Sri Lanka is exhausting work. We had a chat with our bra technologists and they’ve given us a breakdown on what constitutes a good bra and how we need to […]