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Never have I ever… complained about my bra. Girl, pour me a glass!

Yes, we’ve all been there – finding a good bra in Sri Lanka is exhausting work. We had a chat with our bra technologists and they’ve given us a breakdown on what constitutes a good bra and how we need to shop for our body. 

Basically, a good bra will fulfill the three essential criteria of innerwear; lift, shape and support. 

Let’s break it down! 


Lift refers to the extent the bra raises our bustline. Particularly so with those of us with larger busts – lift is essential. The parts responsible for lift are the wings of the bra and the straps. When worn correctly the straps of your bra should sit comfortably on your shoulders, not sliding down and not so tight that it leaves a mark or chaffs the skin. Tight straps can lead to bad posture and poor back health, so let the band around the torso to the work for you and allow your straps to sit comfortably on your shoulders. 


Shape, refers to the overall aesthetic of the bust. No two people will have the exact same bust shape, so it is important to find a bra that works for you and your body! Different shapes of the bust can be achieved by using a certain style of bra. For example, to maximize the volume of your bust, a balconette bra, push up bra or padded bra would fit the bill. For a softer look with less volume, a minimizer, or unpadded bra would be perfect. The shape of the bust is determined by the shape of the cup. The cup will also provide different levels of ‘coverage’. This allows you to pair your bra with a variety of necklines.


Lastly, support. Support in a bra is essential as it keeps your shoulders, back and neck, pain free! The side seams and the wings of the bra ensure that pressure is kept off your shoulders and back. This is probably where bras get a bad rep, as poorly fitted bras will tug and pull at the muscles along your vertebra making it almost impossible to get through the day without having to adjust yourself from time to time. The wings that make up the band around your torso should be worn snug but not tight. You should be able slide your hand between your back and the bra without much effort. For plus size bras, slings are stitched directly into the bra for maximum support. 

Check out our Simple Size Guide for more information wearing the correct bra size!



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